Friday, January 13, 2012

Today's Number {freebie}

One of the math routines in 2nd grade is Today's Number where our kiddos compose and decompose numbers in various ways.  At the beginning of the year, we spend a lot of time doing this routine together and working through the different ways that we can show Today's Number.

About this time of year, my students are getting really good with this routine and can apply many ways to show Today's Number on their own.  It's so exciting and makes me such a proud math mama!

This handy dandy little card can be included in an interactive math notebook so that when your students are doing this math routine, they can easily reference the different ways they can show Today's Number.  (There are two on a page so you can save a tree.)  :)

If you need something to show parents or to take a grade on, here are a couple of options for something to use outside of a notebook:

This one has two boxes labeled "equation" allowing students to use any operation.

This one has one box labeled "equation using addition" and one box labeled "equation using subtraction." 
I hope your little math monkeys enjoy doing Today's Number as much as mine do.  I allow my kiddos to choose their own two-digit numbers, and for some students, I encourage them to use three-digit numbers.  (For any that do three-digit numbers, I tell them to show only the tens and ones for the tally marks.)



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