Sunday, October 30, 2011

Create-an-Animal & Create-a-Plant {freebie}

With the craziness that this school year has brought, my blogging goal for October was to post at least twice this month.  Well, I have just a little more than 24 hours to meet my goal, so mission accomplished.  Yea, me!

One of the objectives in 2nd grade is to identify the basic needs of plants and animals.  And if you've been following me for a while, you know that I am not the type of teacher who likes kids to regurgitate information in the format of a worksheet.  So I designed an activity where my students could apply their learning of the basic needs of plants and animals while being creative.  I also wanted them to include what we've been noticing in nonfiction texts...all of those awesome text features.  Just click on any of the images below to get the free download for this activity.

The border I used came from a freebie from

Here are just a couple of examples of what my little zoologists and botanists created....
The name of my plant is the Double Bubble.  My plant needs are sun, water and air.  My plant lives in Australia. 

The name of my plant is the polka-dotted plant.  It is found where the oak tree {lives}.  My plants needs water, sunlight, and air.

Snap-a-doodle doesn't need a shelter to live.  But, they have snap mouths to protect themselves.  And that's why they call it a snap-a-doodle.
My kids LOVED creating their plants and animals!  In fact, several of them asked for another blank diorama to create another one!!


SunnyDays said...

How cool is this! Love the diorama template - thanks for sharing!
Sunny Days In Second Grade

Keri said...

thank you x 1 000 000...we used this in science today and the kids LOVED it...they were so engaged! In fact, a fellow teacher asked me if she could also do this activity with HER science class...wonderful!

Keri said...

I am giving you the Sunshine Award because your blog is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing such awesome ideas.

Teach Play Smile

Amber said...

Just came across your blog through Pinterest. Wonderful! Wonderful! I'm not into worksheets either and have been on the lookout for notebooking ideas to use with homeschooling students. So many ideas that we can use. Thanks again!

ImaginationPlay said...

Hello, Just stopping in to say "thank you". I am going to use this idea with my preschoolers as a group time prompt to design our own group "animal" or "plant" and to open the art centre to the children designing their own during art time at free play. Tdeb:)

Kristi said...

Love this activity! Thank you so much for sharing.

Learning's a Hoot

Colleen Denneman said...

Love everything!

Courtney Larsen said...

What a cute idea! Can't wait to do with my Grade Ones! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs B said...

Found you on Pinterest, what a great idea, will use it for my independent learners. They and I will love it. Thank you so much for sharing it and making it accessible with the download. Wonderful.

Cova said...

Thanks a lot for sahring that wonderful idea!!!!!!!! I love it!!!

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