Saturday, September 8, 2012

Double Bingo {FREEBIE}

My cute, little chimichangas LOVE to play Bingo together.  Here's one that can be used to practice addition facts ~ doubles +1 to +12.

What you need:
  • Double Bingo game board
  • Double spinner
  • paper clip and pencil for spinner (see picture below)
  • two colors of game markers


The directions for how to play are at the bottom of the game board, but once your students start playing bingo games, they will quickly get the hang of it and will be successful without needing instructions.  On the spinner, I've included some before, during and after thinking prompts.

This bingo game can also be played with number cards (#s1-12 and two or three cards for each number) instead of using a spinner.  Just cut off the bottom of the game board and verbally tell your students how to play.  They just shuffle a stack of cards, place them face down and take turns selecting a card to double.


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Kate said...

You have AMAZING timing :) I am reviewing doubles tomorrow and this will be perfect for my lesson. Thank you SO much for sharing it!

EduKate and Inspire

Stephanie Quinn said...

Is there any way to get this document without subscribing to Scribd? It says on here it's free...but they are trying to make me pay. No big deal, this game just looks phenomenal and I think it would help my kiddos! :)

Belinda Kinney said...

Stephanie, I'd be happy to send it to you. Just email me at belinda{dot}kinney at For some reason, there is a problem with this document on Scribd. You should always be able to get to my stuff without paying. :)

I Love 2 Teach

Misty Pitts said...

great idea! we are just starting doubles in math. I will be using this in a center.

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