Saturday, April 6, 2013

Prefix & Suffix Foldable {Freebie}

I'm not a fan of worksheets as you know, so when it comes to understanding and using prefixes and suffixes, a foldable came to mind.  I searched the web to see what was out there.  I found something here that had a prefix foldable and a separate suffix foldable.  Love it!!  Since my objective included both prefixes and suffixes, I decided to play around with the foldable idea and here's what I came up with...

We just cut the three prefix flaps and two suffix flaps and folded them back.  Little drops of glue were applied to the back of the sections that say, "Prefix," "Word Parts," and "Suffix."  My second graders loved assembling their word parts foldables.

After we had everything in place, we talked about the meaning of each prefix and wrote it on the back of each flap.  Then I encouraged my kiddos to generate examples of words containing each prefix which were written on their lined paper.  (Please excuse any spelling errors...we continue to work on that skill.)  :)

One of my teammates suggested that I modify the foldable to replace the "Word Parts" section with "Base Word."  Brilliant!  So I've included both ways in the freebie.

Finally, I have included two pages that have blank sections next to "Prefix" and "Suffix" so that you can have your kids write in the prefixes and suffixes they are practicing.

Click on any of the images above or grab your {free copy here.}



Gina Coniglio said...

I really like this idea! I'm studying word parts now so this will be perfect. I'm with you on the worksheet thing! I like for my kids to keep notebooks for each subject. Thanks for sharing.
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Anonymous said...

This looks great! I'm really looking forward to using it as a reinforcement! Thanks! I don't like worksheets either!

Table Talk with C and C said...

Love these interactive ways of working with word parts! Can't wait to try them with my kiddos! Found you through pinterest! I am your newest follower!

Table Talk with C & C

Mrs. Ibarra said...

Love it! This will be perfect for next year. I will be teaching 2nd grade :) Thanks so much!!!!

Katie Orr said...

I know you posted this a LONG time ago...but I had to comment and let you know how much I LOVE this foldable. I have been using it with my summer school kiddos...and I think it is amazing. I hope you don't mind....but it was going so well in school that I blogged about it on my blog. Of course I gave credit to you....and I hope you don't mind. I just had to tell people!!

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Carla Miller said...

Thank you so very much for all your ideas and templates. I am so anxious and excited to see them put to use. Thank you, Thank YOU, Thank you.

Midnight Sun Mama said...

Thank you! I was looking for a foldable for prefixes and I like this idea. So easy to access and use. Thanks so much!

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