Saturday, May 25, 2013

Multi-Sensory Spelling Activity Cards {Freebie}

We have 9 days left of this school year.  That's right; we're in the single digits, people! I'm looking forward to the summer, and I'm working on a training class that I'm doing for my district - Multi-sensory Spelling Instruction.  As part of this professional development, I'm offering these multi-sensory spelling activity cards along with these spelling routine cards.  The first cards (done in color as well as black and white) can be used as a reminder as you go through your short, daily spelling routine.  These can be laminated and laid on the table, posted on a white board, used as a bookmark, etc.

Spelling Routine card for students
The activity cards (below) can be used during your students' daily practice.  In researching and preparing for my training class, I came across this quote:
The act of tracing with fingers on a texture helps make a sensory imprint on the brain that increases memory and retention.
With that in mind, many of these activities intentionally provide an opportunity for students to practice their words by tracing.  They also focus on getting as many senses involved as possible and hopefully your students will find them fun.  This is a compilation of ideas targeted for students who struggle with spelling and need something different than the typical ways we ask kids to practice spelling words.

Multi-Sensory Spelling Activity Cards

Have a blessed week and enjoy!

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louise zirk said...

Thanks so much for the spelling cards. I don't actually teach spelling per se, but my struggling scholars will be able to use these ideas to practice their sight words. I appreciate your generosity and look forward to your blog and amazing ideas. Thanks again.

~The Bargain Babe from *Zucchini Summer Blog* said...

Those are awesome, thanks so much!!

lcooney said...

Thanks so much for the great spelling activities!

Fern Smith said...

Thanks for linking up your freebie at TBA this week. I'm having a Great, Big Pout-Pout Fish Giveaway and I would love for you to enter!
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Table Talk with C and C said...

Love these sensory activities for spelling!! Being a special ed teacher I am always looking for new ways to help students remember sight words!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Also, check back at my post for the Fairy Tale Frenzy Giveaway that you liked on instragram so that you can enter to be a lucky winner!!!!!

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Table Talk with C & C

Iris said...

Following you on bloglovin now. Thank you for the awesome resources. I am using many ideas for school right now as I am studying but I know I'll be able to use many ideas for when I start teaching next year here in Germany.


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