Saturday, April 20, 2013

Word Endings Foldable with Rules {Freebie}

Last week I shared a foldable to be used with exploring adding -ing and -ed to base words especially for words where you have to double the last consonant.  Find that post {here}.  My little word hunters loved using their story of the week to find examples of base words that don't change when these word endings are added and examples of words that the final consonant must be doubled.

I was SUPER excited when my 2nd graders began to noticed that there were base words that had changed but not by doubling their last consonant.  Yahoo!!!  So here's a foldable that includes all of the rules.

We glue this foldable into our notebooks, and my kids use a story to search for words that fit the flaps.  They write base words under the left side flaps (on the notebook paper) and write the base words with the endings added on the right side flaps (on the notebook paper).  If they run out of room, they can write on the back side of each flap.  They actually wanted to run out of room so that they could write on the flaps.  They had a FANTASTIC time doing this Word Endings hunt!

Don't forget: If you like the fonts I used, get them for FREE at Rowdy in Room 300.  I used Rowdy Writing and Rowdy Funky.  Love them!


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Brandee Green said...

I grabbed it and I'm following! In fact, I'm your newest follower! :)
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Mrs. Ibarra said...

Love it!

Stacci Hamilton said...

Oh, I wonder if my 9th graders would use this!!! Too cute!

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