Saturday, July 9, 2011

Give a Smelly for Good Choices

My dear friend, Hope, teaches kindergarten.  She is a saint.  She is what you envision when you think of the sweet kindergarten teacher who let you use all of the crayons in the box AND gave you glue, yarn, scissors, googly eyes, and colored paper to create whatever you wanted.  (Sorry about that...flashback!)
Anyway, Hope is an excellent teacher, and I try to steal all of her ideas as often as possible.  One of her gems is how she uses Lip Smackers.  You can pick up these fragrant lip balms rather inexpensively and yet your little muskrats will go crazy when you pull one out.  Hope rewards (and by default encourages) her students when they make good choices with a "Smelly."  She just puts a dot of the lip balm on a well-behaving student's hand as an aromatic way to say, "Great job!"  And I can tell you from experience with my 2nd graders, they LOVE to get a Smelly.  Give it a try!  Thanks, Hope! 


Lori said...

As a pre-school specials teacher, I've opted for the smellies instead of stamps or stickers for the once a week specials classes. The kids LOVE it and it's not a messy or long lasting clean up at home!

Shelly said...

Belinda and Hope! Yeah, fellow GCC's. I use smellies daily in my classroom. I have sooooo many. Everytime I find a new "fragrance", I have to get it! The kids love them. What's funny is when the parents ask me where you can buy smellies. :)

Elizabeth said...

HI! I use Smellies in my Pre-K classroom at rest time. When my kiddos are laying quietly on their cots "ready for resting", I come by and cover them and give them a Smelly on the back of their hand. It is so funny to see them laying there with thier eyes closed and sticking that little hand up in the air waiting for their Smelly.

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