Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Hallway Song

Need a quick way to get your little ones ready for a trip in the hall?  I have one idea and one AMAZING resource for you.

After my kiddos are in line, I start singing this song by holding out the first word, "Myyyyyy."  As soon as my lovely (HA!) voice hits their ears, my kids join me by holding out "My" with me.  Then we start the song.  It's pretty easy to figure out the rhythm.  At the very end where it says "Catch a bubble," your kids just take a deep inhale and make a bubble with their cheeks, and you don't say those words (catch a bubble).  This quick little ditty has helped my second graders get ready for the hall without me giving redundant reminders about [insert serious voice here] appropriate hallway behavior.

Would like to see what other teachers do to prepare their classes for a trip in the hall?  Hop on over to The Organized Classroom Blog to grab a free compilation of incredible ideas.  You will LOVE it!


Tarita said...

Excellent! I'm ready to use it this year. Thanks for sharing.

Ms. Raabe aka Raabster said...

So Fun! Don't think it will work with my 8th-graders, but I'm going to share it with my elementary colleagues!
Have a fabulous year!

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