Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dollar Treats! Oh So Neat!

A recent visit to the Dollar Spot at Target as well as a quick trip to Dollar Tree resulted in a station idea for nonfiction reading and writing.  These flash cards at Target caught my eye...well, these and the Starbucks located at the front of the store.  The reason the cards appealed to me is because some of my 2nd grade monkeys are reluctant nonfiction readers, mainly because they become overwhelmed with the amount of text in a nonfiction book.  These cards have just the right amount of information as well as some great text features.  Of course, I had to think of some {Task Cards} that could be used for these little jewels of facts and information.  I'm thinking I will print these task cards on cardstock, laminate them, cut them out, and store them with these flash cards.  (You can even punch a hole in the top left corner to put them on a binder ring and hang from a wall or cabinet.)  During Work on Writing, my tiny grapefruits can help themselves to a set of flash cards, select a task card, and explore a topic.  And the stackable bins from Dollar Tree were just the perfect size for so many classroom needs.


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