Saturday, July 16, 2011

Too Cool for School Linky Party

I'm a native Texan which means I'm used to hot weather.  But lately it has been a little unbearable.  We've suffered through 15 consecutive days of triple-digit temperatures.  I'm sorry, but 107 is not ok.

So, it got me thinking...yes, I may be a little delusional due to the heat, but anyway... How about throw a linky party to cool off!?!?!  I want to know the coolest tip, trick, technique, or time-saver that you use in your classroom.  If you want to include more than one cool idea, then feel free to take the plunge.  But just one cool tip is enough.

Here is my cool tip:
  • Use a yellow highlighter and write "Original" across any paper that you want to save in your files.  The word "Original" won't show up if you copy the paper, and it reminds you that it's your last copy.
So let the cool party begin!  And it would be really cool if you could follow my blog as you link up.  Feel free to share a link from your blog or share your tip in a comment.  Either way...stay cool!


YearntoLearn said...

Be sure to link up your Coolest Teaching Tip Linky to my
"Lots of Linkies" Linky party. I've organized a running list of blog parties for easy access and so more people can find them. I'm now following you!

Yearn to Learn Blog

Laura said...

I just linked up! Can't wait to read all the "cool" ideas!:)

Mrs. Shepherd said...

I'm a new follower would love for you to follow mine at

Shelly said...

I am still just blog stalking for now, haven't started my own. So, I can't link up, but can leave a comment. :) Some classroom management ideas I use are a "That Was Easy Button" from Staples on my board for those really smart moments or if a child remembers something important (especially vocabulary) from an earlier day. They love this! I also got some cute dollar spot socks (a pair for boys and a pair for girls). If someone is right on task, or I just want to reinforce behavior and/or retention of knowledge; I give them a sock and say, "You knocked my socks off." Always gets giggles. One more....I have some squishy stress relievers in different shapes...a couple of the kiddos favorites are a light bulb and a brain....Again to reinforce behavior or recollection of material, I'll toss a child one of these saying, "What a bright idea!" (or something similar with the light bulb). "Way to use your brain!" (or something similar/even kissing our brain) with the squishy brain.

Katie said...

i love your highlighter idea. i'm a new follower!

Alisha said...

Love this linky party! Just liked up and am a new follower!

The Bubbly Blonde

Keri Kelly said...

I, too, love this linky party idea! I have linked up and am a follower...
Teach Play Smile

Miss Boucher said...

Hey! I am still a bit new at this... but just linked up and am now a new follower as well! Looking forward to all the great ideas!

Stop by and say hi!


Sarah Kate Triebel said...

Belinda- Thanks for the positive comments and the follow. You've got a lot of great things going on over here! Thanks bunches

Sarah Kate Triebel

It's Elementary My Dear Teacher

teachertam said...

Thanks for the tip! I always put a post-it note on them that says "Original," but it ALWAYS falls off! I'll use your tip from now on!
Teacher Tam's Educational Adventures

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